Alpha-Stim AID Study

We want to find an alternative way to help people with depression who may prefer not to use medication or have not benefitted from anti-depressant medication or psychological treatment.

We are testing the effectiveness of a clinically proven medical device called Alpha-Stim AID for the treatment of depression. The Alpha-Stim-D trial will help us decide if the device should be made freely available through the NHS.

What would taking part involve?

  • An interview to see if you are eligible to take part
  • Using a device daily for 60 minutes for 8 weeks in your home
  • Completing some brief questionnaires over 4 months
  • You will receive a £10 gift voucher for completing the final questionnaire

If you would like to hear more, please speak to somebody at your practice who can pass on your contact details to the study team, or you can contact the lead study researcher directly:

Shireen Patel


Tel: 0115 8231434

View the Participant Information Sheet and flyer.